Composed by Giuseppe Verdi
Libretto by Temistocle Solera
Performed in Italian with English subtitles
Composed in 1841 – Premiered March 9, 1842 at Teatro alla Scala in Milan
July 27 & 28 and August 3 & 4 at 8:00pm

Act I – Jerusalem
The Israelites pray in their temple as Nabucco, King of Babylon, attacks Jerusalem. The high priest Zaccaria holds Nabucco’s daughter, Fenena, hostage and reassures them that the Lord will not forsake them. Ismaele, nephew of the King of Jerusalem, plots his escape with Fenena; they had fallen in love in Babylon when she had rescued him from capture. Fenena’s jealous sister, Abigaille, bursts in with disguised Babylonians to occupy the temple. She tells Ismaele that he can save his people if he returns her love, but he refuses. When Nabucco storms the Temple, Zaccaria threatens to stab Fenena. Ismaele shocks his fellow Israelites by intervening. Nabucco orders the temple burned.

Act II

Scene I – In Nabucco’s palace in Babylon
Abigaille has stolen a document certifying that she is not Nabucco’s daughter, but a slave. The High Priest of Baal warns that Fenena has freed the Israelite prisoners. Having spread the rumor that Nabucco has fallen in battle, he convinces Abigaille to take the throne.

Scene II – Elsewhere in the palace
Zaccaria prays that the Babylonians will give up their false idols. Ismaele arrives and Zaccaria defends him, noting that he has converted Fenena to Judaism. Abigaille enters, demanding the crown from Fenena. Surprising everyone, Nabucco appears and crowns himself God. Lightning strikes, rendering him insane; Abigaille seizes the crown.



Scene I – In the Hanging Gardens
The Babylonians praise Abigaille as their leader. The High Priest presses her to put the Israelites to eth. She tricks the disoriented Nabucco into signing the death order. When he realizes he has just condemned his daughter Fenena to death, he searches for the document proving that Abigaille is a slave. She pulls it out and tears it to pieces.

Scene 2 – Resting from forced labor, the thoughts of the Israelites turn to their homeland. Zaccaria predicts that, with God’s help, they will destroy Babylon and be free again.

Act IV

Scene I – Locked in the palace
Nabucco can see Fenena and the Israelites being led to execution. When he prays to the God of the Israelites for forgiveness and pledges to convert his people, his sanity is restored. He rallies his followers to regain the throne.

Scene 2 – Nabucco halts the sacrifice, rescuing Fenena and ordering the statue of Baal destroyed.  Abigaille confesses her crimes as she dies from taking poison; she prays to the God of Israel for forgiveness.  Nabucco tells the Israelites to return to their native land and rebuild their temple, declaring that he now serves the God of the Israelites.

*This production features lighting effects that mimics lighting. 

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Production Staff

Conductor Stephen Hargreaves
Director Mark Freiman
Scenic & Lighting Designer Patrick Huber
Costume Designer Teresa Doggett
Supertitle Designer Philip Touchette
Technical Director Theatre Marine Productions
Stage Manager Jordan Woods
Scenic Charge Artist Cameron Tesson
Assistant Stage Manager Kayla Bush
Assistant Stage Manager Miranda Fair

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