House an Artist

This summer over 70 artists will grace the UAO stage throughout the 28th Festival Season including 55 local artists and 15 artists from across the US. So where do these out-of-town artists stay when they are in St. Louis? With you, our patrons.

Hosting an artist is simple and fun. All we ask is that you provide a private bedroom and bathroom for the artist and allow them access to the kitchen and laundry. Thats it. No piano, no problem! We’ve plenty of rehearsal space at UAO for our artists to use. Inviting an opera singer into your home is an experience like none other, creating lasting friendships that go beyond the opera season.

Additionally, many artists arrive in St. Louis without cars, and we therefore place them in homes either within 2 miles of UAO or we help arrange transportation for artists who are placed farther away. 

What can you do to help?

  • Volunteer to host an artist (complete the online Housing Survey)
  • Introduce us to someone who might be interested in hosting an artist (we especially in need of hosts within 2 miles of UAO)
  • Loan an artist a car
  • Offer to drive artists to/from rehearsal.

For more information or to help, email Administrative Director, Emily Stolarski at emily[at]